Trending in Call Centers, the Cloud Systems!

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From Courier to Cloud systems, we have come a long way!

There was once upon a time when we needed to travel physically to interact with people or there were messengers who would send your message through letters. Then we went through a generation change and came in an era where communication started with the help of telegraphs with leading to another change where people started interacting through wired telephones. That lead to another change where communication started on wireless phones sending signals in the air, that then lead to inventing the Internet. Now, we, living in the 21st century are the ones where we are using cloud systems to make communication easier, faster and cost-efficient.

What is a Cloud System?

Cloud system means to run your business over VoIP by storing and accessing your data and programs over the internet instead of your hard drive. In cloud systems, you are required to store data online without ever being worried about the storage capacity and you are also provided with the shared resources. So basically, the cloud-based system is a metaphor for the internet that is consisted of VoIP applications and online hosted storage.

Why use Cloud Systems in Call Centers?

There are so many pros for using cloud systems. I’m listing the main here:

  • Mobility
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Less TCO
  • Scalability
  • Unlimited storage
  • Cost efficient
  • Shared resources
  • Collaborative working
  • Reduced need for training
  • Security

How its cost efficient?

No Hardware Required

Just by getting rid of hardware equipment, you can save a lot of money. First, your cost on all the hardware equipment is being spared. Secondly, you can easily downsize the staff needed for the IT services or you can even remove your IT staff completely if your cloud based service comes with built-in IT support.


As cloud systems offer as much storage as you want so it makes it super scalable. So if your call center is undergoing a great load of work, the cloud system would be still working perfectly.


Cloud systems let your agents work from anywhere in the world. Unlike On-premise systems where you need to be present physically to work for your call center. Cloud systems let you work from anywhere as it lets your agents receive, transfer, make and put customers’ calls on hold.

A Remarkable achievement through cloud system:

A North American cloud-based call center market is expected to grow to $2.1B in 2014 according to Frost & Sullivan.

How fast is the switch happening?

In 2008, the Cloud system adoption by call centers was only 2.2% while it became 5.9% in 2011. In 2013, according to DMG, more than 62% of the organizations were using some type of cloud-based contact center solutions. So, the growth rate of moving to cloud-based infrastructure is: 42.4% in 2010, 80.2% in 2011, and 32.5% in 2012

Some Reviews on Cloud-Based Call Centers:

Many well-known people gained benefit by transferring their On-premise call center to cloud-based infrastructure. I’m listing some of their reviews here:

Immediately after launching our new call center we uncovered calling trends that made us consider changing the call centers hours of operation. Within days of the implementation, we experienced a significant increase in call volume due to a very successful concert launch. Our new call center system allowed us to dynamically adjust the capacities and call handling parameters of the system, allowing us to better serve our customers. The implementation was very smooth, our team loves the new system, and it’s nice to finally see them really happy.

Daniel L. Spees Director, ISS, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Cloud-based contact centers are independent of location, hardware, software, and agent location. The benefits of this absolute independence include callers never receiving a dreaded engaged tone. Traditional premised based telephone systems are limited by the number of lines into the building and the number of agents available to answer those calls. Hosted contact centers have a huge capacity, meaning that customers will never hear a busy tone. Callers are held in queues in the cloud and presented to the first available agent.

Klaas van der Leest, UK managing director of Intelecom

Some Predictions

According to Frost & Sullivan, by 2016, 37% of call centers in Europe will be using cloud-based solutions.

According to MarketsandMarkets, by 2019, the cloud-based contact center market will have grown to $11 billion.

So, its safe to say that more contact centers will be transferring their business to Cloud by the end of 2016. With the change in era, change in technology, we went through a change in our choices as well. The world walks you through options and you pick one of them. Just like that, you are given with the option of converting your business over cloud!

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