Top 4 Outsourcing Contact Centers Trends of 2016

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Let’s say, there is news in Forbes magazine,

“The “(Your)” Outsourcing Contact Center, from a $6 trillion global outsourcing industry, is the highest revenue earning Outsourcing Call Center around the globe, concluded from the recent survey of 2016”

Phenomenal, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to hear such a piece of pleasing news? Throwing a celebration party would also be something to look forward to. But wait, we were just assuming, right? Still, it’s ok because dreams are needed in order to make it a reality. But what you need alongside a dream is the effort. You need to build a great team and adopt today’s technologies and that technology is a vital necessity for you to reach your milestone. Why did you think that the Philippine has the largest and most successful outsourcing contact centers around the world? They are the one using most of the strategies and development software. Technologies are made for you to take advantage of and surely by following today’s trends, it will take you to a whole new level in your industry. Now let’s take a look at today’s top trends of outsourcing call centers.

Top Outsourcing Call Centers Trends

There are 4 topmost outsourcing call center trends which can help you greatly in order to become a paradigm for the contact center industry. Let’s see what these trends are:


Digital communication, a phase which is the most commonly used mean to interact. People like to converse via digital means. What good option can be there other than Multichannel that let you interact with your target audience using technology such as text, web chat, live chat, video, fax, phone, social media etc.? Multichannel is currently the most used trend of 2016 maintaining its position from 2015.

According to:

Aberdeen Group Inc., “Businesses that follow a multichannel customer care strategy accomplish more than double (9.7% instead of 3.9%) year over year improvements in customer satisfaction”

CFI Group, “Over 30% of customer service engagements today are attributed to communication channels other than a phone”


Business Process Improvement (BPI) even though it’s the old strategy for outsourcing contact centers, yet this approach is the most desired and demanded approach used by the industry. BPI handles service and support process of the organization and makes sure that you are getting the paid valued services from your service provider. BPI ensures you:

  • Quality of the services
  • Cost of the services
  • Flexibility and speed of your business process

Near shore Outsourcing

Language barrier, cultural changes, different time zone and geographical distances all these factors get highlighted when choosing the services from an outsourcing contact center. There was a time when getting the cheaper outsourcing services from offshore locations were the priority by organizations but that changed because of the related drawbacks such as no face contact, less control over projects, fraud and intellectual property theft. Now organizations prefer to work with nearshore located outsourcing call centers even if they are bit costly. Hiring services of nearshore located call centers have become a trending strategy in this present time as getting the right services from the right call center from the right location is what make you able to make a right choice

Partners with Industry Specialist

Having to be partnered with a specialist in customer dealing is far better and advantageous than having the basic third party services. A pro in outsourcing Industry Specialization can bring you the promising leads and can deliver the satisfaction that your customer would need. Industry Specialist tends to have the deepest insights of the business and they can save time, money and your valued customers that you most likely to be loose from a poor service provider.

So, to become the best and come forward from the population of a $6 trillion global outsourcing industry, you now know what you need to do. Strike forward and don’t be afraid to try new trends.

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