Call Center Mistakes That are Dragging Your Business Down

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One is bound to make mistake but sometimes you make grave ones which cause you to pay a good price that you would have ever imagined for. This especially occurs in Call Centers even when they have No Room for Error motto. Some mistakes have a way out and some can be compensated but some mistakes are better to be avoided because they don’t offer a way out or compensation. For such mistakes, the best practice is to understand the root of the problem and initiate strategies to mitigate the risk of ongoing errors.

Even though having a great responsibility, Call Centers often make critical mistakes. Not only there are mistakes that are all too common in call centers but surprisingly they negatively impact their business a lot. Let’s take a look at the common call center mistakes that are widely being done.

1: Taking Long to Call Back Your Leads

Taking too long to get back with your lead always destroys your chance to turn them into opportunities. A slow response put a bad impression of your call center and makes you seem incompatible. The standard time to response a potential customer is within an hour and if you fail to reach them in this specified time then be ready to bid farewell to your leads.

According to a recent study conducted by InsideSales,
“The odds of contacting a lead increased by 100x if it was attempted within five minutes versus thirty minutes”

2: Putting Potential Callers on hold for Long

Potential customers are those who most likely become your leads but that chance is often crushed by Wait that your call center agents let them have. Putting those potential customers on hold for too long put a bad impression of your organization and let their mind freely think of you as Not Reliable Organization. But this issue also drives your current customers away from you. If they are made to wait in a long queue before speaking to an agent about problems with your product or services then they may quit being your regular customer altogether.

3: No Proper Training of Agents

Your agent is the forefront and back up of your product and if he lacks in training then your chance of getting potential customers also drops. Training your agent is everything for a call center yet they fail to do it rightly. This might happen because of the high turnover rate of call centers but one should not use a lame excuse such as turnover for inadequate training of their agents. According to recent research conducted by Frost & Sullivan:
“60% of all repeat calls are process or training driven”

4: Not knowing the Right KPIs

The most common mistake that calls center managers to make is not keeping an eye on the metrics that impact the most. Even though the average of metrics that call center tracks is 25 yet many fail to achieve a good performance or improve the end results. According to ICMI:
“To achieve the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price, call centers should focus on Cost per Call, Customer Satisfaction, First Contact Resolution Rate, Agent Utilization, and Aggregate Call Center Performance”

5: Not Upgrading the Current System

Most of the call center believe that saving money should be the first thing to aim for but after doing so, they fail to achieve the expected success. It’s common for call centers to not upgrade their technology just to save a few bucks but little do they know that these so-called savings end up costing them more money. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the right technology increases productivity and improves customer experience. According to Forrester,
“Contact centers must bear in mind the risks of not adopting new technology”

Call Center Mistakes That are Dragging Your Business Down

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