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How to Improve Call Centers Key Performance Indicators

Call Center KPI

“The purpose of every business and organization is to get and keep customers.” A call center agent makes hundreds of calls in a day and try to be offer best services to their customers to maintain his company value and keep the customer reliable on company. For every call center, performance of their representatives and dealing ability, how to tackle and solve the problems faced by the customers is called key performance of call center’s agent.

Story behind the successful of call center is, how smartly he manages and improve their key performance indicators. But the question is, what are the key performance indicators of call center? When we find the answer of this question then we can improve the quality of performances of call center. This article elaborate the key performance indicators (KPIs) of call center and how improve the quality of call center and performance of dealing with customers.

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First Call Resolution

irst call resolution mean how many calls your agent received and solve the problems of customers without transferring the call. First indicators towards the performance of call center. Many customers claims of transferring calls without solving customer’s problems. First call resolution directly connected with the customer’s satisfaction and it would be priority of agents.

Percentage of Calls Blocked

An inbound call center KPIs is directly related to the satisfaction of customers because it was that calls, didn’t received by the agents because call going on hold, or agent are not available on his seat and maybe he is not receiving the call because of some issues. But when any call center improve the percentage of calls blocked, customers will be satisfy to share their problems with the agent.

Average Time in Queue

”Times goes faster than your imagination”. Times never wait for any one and once time passed, he never comes for any one at any cost. Customers never wait for a long time or not be liked to stay in queue. The key performance of call center is to take less time and solve exceptional problems of the customer is the only way of satisfaction of the customer.

Service Level

As many calls received in a specific numbers of times in called service level of any agent or call center. Best performance indicators of any agent is, he works smartly and efficiently and solve the problems in as less time as he can. Percentage of solving problems in specific time mean, in less time you would be solving as many problems of the customer is quality assurance of your call center.

Average Abandonment Rate

Abandonment rate is the percentage of callers who hang up before reaching the call center’s agent. The reason of hang up their calls may be:

  • Unavailability of the agent
  • Average time of queue
  • Call center software cannot sufficiently handle the calls

Call center’s owner should find out the reason of calls abandonment and try to get relief from this problem.

Average Handle Time

Average handle time is the total duration of an agent to solve a problem of customer without dropping the call in first time. Most of the time in call center after hearing the problem of customers, agent was not able to resolve the issue and transfer this call to another agent this may take several minutes to transfer and to explain the problem of customer. Agent have the ability to explain his colleague, issue face by customer. This key performance indicator directly related to the satisfaction level of the customers.

Customer’s satisfaction level

Call center agents use different tools like online survey, press button option, during call asking questions, to be aware about the customer’s satisfaction level because until your customer will not satisfied you completely, your call never be succeeded.

Agent Absenteeism

The average numbers of days per year your agent absent from his seat is one of the weakness of key performance indicators. As less he will be absent from his seat, as many problems of customers solve by your agent and your customer feeling satisfy through your services.

Agent Turnover Rate

Agent turnover rate is defined by, percentage of agents who are not on their seats while customer calling or the call going on hold or in queue and hang up. This key performance indicator should be included in every call center lists of metrics to be well known about the turnover rate of his agent. If call center agent improve this indicate, customers surely satisfy by them.


The key performance of call center base on the performance of representatives, performing their servicing in the call center. Most of the customer’s review, I studied on internet are not fully satisfied from the services of call center agent. Until customers are not satisfied by your call center services, your duty to perform well never gone end. The key points how to improve the key performance of call center define above mention article that throughout explain all the important points to improve the call center performance.

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