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11 Stress Relief Tips For Call Center Representative

call center stress relief tips

We all want it, we all love it, we all need is; happiness, good time with customer, but one thing in the working life, we all hate it, want to be far away from us, want to get relief during working hour is; Stress. Stress causes half of all absenteeism and one-fourth of all voluntary turnover within call centers

(Mattenson and Ivancevich, 1987). Stress in call center environment should result to increase in absenteeism, agent move on to another job and could be the reason of less business.

When we listen the word “Stressful job” police officers, doctors, rescue operators and soldiers appointed on borders these duties comes first in our mind but the toughest job is to sit on one place and deal someone on telephone continuously. Some of us think to operate customers on call can be a good experience because they talk most of the people they don’t know. But a call center agent should be isolated and stressful to talk on calls without a day off.

Below down to get the amazing stress relief tips and find out how to use these gadgets in your routine life:

Evaluate the Stress Level

The first step is to evaluate the stress level and burden on call center agent. If you get the idea of stress during calls, you will easily find out how to get relief from it. As a manager or call center owner your duty is to well known about the situation of your agent. Avatar Dialer offer you a Recorded Portal option in Avatar Dialer, so you can listen all the recordings at any time and be well known about the condition of your agent.

Cause of stress

Firstly, you will evaluate the stress level and then find out the reason of stress. Either the work pressure is the reason of stress or the customers. If the work load is the reason talk with your manager, share your problem and get relief, if customer is the reason, you have to be friendly and enhance your problem solving ability.

Clear your Rules and Goals

The reason of stress for call center agent is, he has no rules and goals in his life. For stress free work life he has to be clear what he have rules in his life and what he want to get from his life.

Make your own expectations

To get your goals, make expectations from yourself and then ability to achieve those goals. If you have no self-expectations, you will definitely never get the higher goals in your life.

Authorize your agent

Rule of success in call center agent is, “the greater the perceived empowerment/authorities, the less perceived stress”. If your agent have power to make decisions, more your agent get relief from stress. Engage your agent in making decisions, policy making that increase the work
performance of your call center agent.

Increase Agent Competency

Enhance the team capacity of your agent to do well in your jobs. Furnish your agent with the best facilities and tools, techniques to perform well in your job circle. Call center agents that have experience more competence in their workplace they have empower to work better and stress free.

Increase Agent Autonomy

Agent with the authority of autonomous have efficiently offered his work effectively and more capable to deal with the customer, because customer needs reliability and flexibility and your agent in the shape of autonomous having the abilities to deal friendly with the customers that should be less the stress of your agent.

Should be rewarded

Agent who is rewarded for his struggle and efficient working do more interactive with others customers because of being rewarded for his performance and less the chances of stress in his worked life. Reward should be in type of prizes, praises, monetary rewards, company’s branded t-shirts, mugs etc. should be given to them.

Maintain good Relationships with Agents:

Reason of stress either because of work burden or customer’s pressure for call center agent, but if company’s manager have good relationships with agent, agent have free to explain his tension and reason of stress to his owner. Agent will feel, the environment is more friendly and supportive.

Encourage Flexibility in Break Scheduling

After a stressful interaction with customer, agent should be allowed to take break and get relief from stress of customer. This offer give your agent a great sense of problem solving and ability to work harder and effectively.

Offer opportunity for advancement

Agent with the opportunity of advancement should be more motivated and inspire to engage in the work. These opportunities less the stress of them and offer them a great motivation for the next life work but offer them those advancement that should be given them in future.


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