Outbound Dialing Mistakes—How Not To Repeat Again

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“Forget mistakes, forget failure, forget everything, except what you’re going to do now and do it”—Will Durant.

The man never complete without making mistakes and a canny person is ones who learn from his mistakes, outbound calling in which representatives calls to outside the call center and dealing with customers and offering them services, introduce the products and convince to purchase their company’s product. Whilst dialing the numbers, contacting with the customers, Agents neglect most of the points and make outbound dialing mistakes which cause the reason of insufficient messages, fail to target and pitch them.

Outbound dialing mistakes, happen by the poor strategy of calling and bad technique of targeting the audience. Call center agent isn’t immune from mistakes, but the good thing is when they learn from their mistakes not making more mistakes whilst calling the customers.

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them and strong enough to correct them—John C. Maxwell

Below are some of the major problems must be tackle while dialing the outbound numbers, take a look down to find out, how to eradicate outbound dialing mistakes!

Mistake: Incomplete Call Records and Contact Info

How to Avoid: Manage Your Call Records with Complete Information

When your agents call to your customers, they have to records all the calls information, personal data, requirements of the clients and all the basic information about them.

More frequently and thoroughly your agents save the information of your clients, more help you in the future to maintain the records.

Mistake: International Caller ID or 0800 for Customers

How to Avoid: Offering Local or 08 Number to Your Customers

If your call center use local caller ID, it will be easy for your customers to call back because local No. reduce the call cost of 20% and for those, who missed the call, will call you back, but if your call center use the international numbers, clients hesitate to call back because it double the call back charges.

Mistake: Reps Deal More Than One Channel/ Campaign

How to Avoid: Reps Must Focus On Single Channel/ Campaign

Most facing problem in the outbound calling. They deal more than one campaigns at one time, not fully focus on single channel and fail to convey their messages effectively, the reason to lose the customers as they have not fully grip over the brand, products and their services.

Mistake: No Way to Call Back to Content Center

How to Avoid: Making Life Easier For Customers To Connect You

Those customers which call back in your contact centers are the ones, who are interested in your products and services, but outbound call centers executives, invest less and get the international number or the number who starts with international ID, easily lose their clients.

Mistake: Keep Dialing DNC/TPS Numbers

How to Avoid: Use Predictive Dialler for DNC/TPS Filtering

The predictive dialer is the automated dialing machine which dials more than a hundred numbers in a single day without waiting to connect the call with the customers. Outbound face the problems of TPS/DNC numbers, it was that is not allowed to be called, but in outbound campaigns, dialer didn’t predict and filter the numbers, the cause of legal actions or misbehave from the customer’s side and company fail to pitch the clients.

Mistake: Not offering the way to Protected by Fraud

How to Avoid: Focus On the Compliance System

If your outbound call center offers the compliance features to the customers, they more than love to purchase your product and facilitate from your services, but most of the outbound call center make mistakes, just offering the feature without having it.

Mistake: Target the Customers Which Are Irrelevant

How to Avoid: Targeting the Customer, Are relevant to Products

Outbound dialing mistakes are, their dialer set a quota and dials the numbers without knowing, the customers are relevant to the product whom we offering or not. Dialer just dials the numbers and agents tease the customers, which effect on the sale graph of the company.

Mistake: Over-Scripting Yield the Sound Robotic

How to Avoid: Don’t Too Much Follow the Script

The best script is one, which conveys his full message to the target audience and convinces the customers. As a reverse, a bad and over scripting by your agents, the cause of changing the loyalty of your customers. Over-scripting of your agents yields the sound of robotic, customers feel unsatisfied and unsure about the service of the company.

Mistake: Fail to Convey the Message

How to Avoid: Convey the Message with Confidence

Outbound call center agents fail to convey the right message with the confidence as they are dealing more than one campaigns, not fully grip over the brand, reps lose the confidence level and not able to convey effective messages with efficient confidence.

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