8 Customer Service Trends For Upcoming Years

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In the modern era, 89% of companies expected to be competing mostly on the basis of customer experience. The satisfaction of the customer leads the graph of the purchase of company high to higher and it is just done under the shade of good customer services provided by the agents of a company. By having good customer service experience, the customers leverage more products from that specific company. There are some important ways that can improve your customer service and let your customers be in love with your company and product.

Jeffy Bazos quoted an intellectual quote about customer service trends, explained as under:

“In the old world, you devoted 30% of your time to building a great service and 70% of your time to shouting about it. But in the new world, that inverts.”

Customer service is the demonstration of dealing with the client’s needs by giving and conveying proficient, accommodating, astounding administration and help some time recently, amid, and after the client’s prerequisites are met.

Mobile Exercise:

This is the era of technology, every customer has his/her own smartphone which not only uses in personal context but also benefits in a business point of view. So the simple thing you have to do is to be in line with your customer’s mobile journey. To get connected with your customers’ mobile you will get a lot of ways to communicate and convey the information about your products to them, these ways can be that:

  • Phone Support
  • Social Media
  • Chat
  • Email
  • FAQ


Company’s website should be design in such a way that has all the solutions of the common issues which you think might be face by your customer, so the website should have a self-service towards customers for which they do not feel any difficulty to find solutions of their problems regarding to the product.

The FAQ and knowledge-based pages should be up to date so that the customer can easily find answers to their questions. Customers feel authorized by being able to solve their own problems on their own, it increases the trust of the customer for your company and products.

Call back from Queue:

A modern customer has a lake of patience and they do not want to wait for anything, especially in the background of customer service strategy in a call center. 60% of the customers will abandon a call after waiting on hold for more than a minute and 61% of customers would use the call back from Queue feature if available.

Nobody likes to wait on a call for a long time, so if you call back them before their call from Queue, they will feel that you respect and value their time. Through this act of you, they will have a positive point of view about your customer service and it will increase your sales.

Be Friendly

It is a part of human nature that the most beautiful and charming sound listened by him/her is their name, it can make them realize that they are special to us. Similarly, in the case of business, personalization plays a vital role in purchasing decision of a consumer.

When you call the customers by their names they feel like you are going to give them special importance so they become your best purchasers and increase the graph of your selling in the market.

Integrate your call center with your helpdesk and CRM. Both can help you to make your products sell fast and secure your data, and when the customer dial you again you will not bother to ask the name and details of your customer, you will be able to deal with your customer in a personal way which will please your customer and let him trust more on your company.

Your agent should also be trained to use easy and unique vocabulary so that will please your customer to listen to unique words but easy to understand.

24/7 Help assurance

Customers of this age do not have a lot of time to wait for anything, they also want to be helped by you at any time and in any place they need. To make your customer be happy in this matter can lead you to provide them a 24/7 service support for solving their problems.

Predictive Helper

Companies with their excellent and pre-customer services are mostly liked more by the customers. They should have the ability to judge the upcoming issues of the customer about their product and they have to set useful information and troubleshoots of the problems before the asking of customers. It will increase your ratio about customer satisfaction in the industry.

Engaging Content

Stay in contact with your customer through the valuable content of your product. The content should be brief in explaining the new products, features, tips about using it and much other information and it should be in simple words which lead no difficulty to the customer to understand it.

Customer Journey Mapping

86% of the customers pay more in an account of better customer experience and it could happen only when you have a good mapping about the customer journey. Understanding the customer journey can make or break your business, so it is compulsory for a company to have a deep eye on their customer journey mapping to make your customer satisfaction with your services.

Psychological and behavioral factors will remain the same as the customer experience. The basic things are caring, competence and concern will continue to be important when building customer satisfaction and loyalty. Some customers are now beginning to crave the human touch again as they are becoming frustrated with technology.

Companies must focus on building exceptional customer service and building a one-to-one relationship with their customer to foster and strengthen customer loyalty.

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