An Expected Future Of Robots In Call Center

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Call center is a place where people handle the telephone calls by the customers. The workers of the call center are known as ‘agents’. They receive calls and give answers to the questions by customers. The first call center was established in the early 1960s, in America and it was named as “Private Automated Business Exchange” (PABE). A call center basically consists of agents, telephone sets/headsets and computers. With time it has changed in its structure, preferences, and machinery. The basic unit of a call center is ‘agent’, without an agent no call can be received an answer if there is the best machinery provided by you

But now, there is a concept that in the future, robots will take rise in the call center as agent instead of human beings. They can perform the duties which are done by human beings in the future. There will be some positive and some negative aspects of the robot call center which we are going to discuss as under.

Positive Aspects Of Robot Call Center:

  • Trained instantly
  • Cheaper
  • Time saving
  • Work done around the clock
  • Eliminate human errors


Trained instantly

Human beings have to be trained for any kind of job. Without training they will unable to do their task. Same is the case in a call center, any agent has to go through the training process to get his/her seat in a call center as an agent. But in the case of robot call center, robot do not need time to get experience. A function is entered in the robot and let it to do work, it will give perfect response. So, it is a benefit in robot technology that it does not waste time and money in getting experience of a specific work.

Justine Anderson says:

“Robots may, on the surface, seem a scarring outlook, but In truth, the technology presents a great deal of opportunity to help up-skill workers and improve the worker experience.”



Human agents have to pay monthly by the call center and it costs much because there is no concern that the call center is in profit or loss with the pays of agents, they have to pay in every condition. But when robots are hired to work in a call, they do not get monthly pay. If one buy them once they can work for years without any extra expenses. So we can say that robot technology is cheaper than human agents.

Time Saving:

Use of intelligent software can enhance the customer service experience without being interfered. A robot can do the work of many people at the same time which causes a lot of time-saving and it could be beneficent to the company and increase the profit with the satisfaction of more customers in an accurate way.

Work done around the clock:

Human agents have a specific capacity to do work, after some time they can get tired, physically or mentally. But a robot can do work without any pause and change in mood for 24/7.

It can attend more customers in a short time and give more benefits to the company to be present every time.

Eliminate Human errors:

In 2025, customers’ behavior will change, they will have lower tolerance about the mistakes, errors or technical problems. So, in that situation, ‘robot’ will play a vital role in controlling human mistakes to 0% in the business of call center.

Negative aspects of Robot call center:

  • Human jobs in danger
  • Specific thinking


Human jobs in danger:

That robots, computerization, and programming can supplant individuals may appear glaringly evident to any individual who’s worked in car fabricating or as a travel specialist. In any case, the more upsetting and dubious. They trust that quick innovative change has been obliterating employments quicker than it is making them, adding to the stagnation of middle pay and the development of disparity in the United States. Also, they think, something comparative is going on in other mechanically propelled nations.

Maybe the most dooming bit of proof is a diagram that exclusive a financial specialist could love. In financial matters, efficiency the measure of monetary esteem made for a given unit of info, for example, an hour of work is a significant pointer of development and riches creation.

Specific thinking:

Human has a creative mind which can easily invent and discover new things and utilize them in the benefits of the business. But in the case of a robot, it is totally blanked page about creativity. A robot cannot think by itself, it can do work only according to that program and instructions which are feed in it. And it is the dark side of robot technology which may cause harm to the business.

No doubt, Robot technology in a call center is harmful in some ways but it also has benefits in its hands. It can give the best result if it could adapt to increase the speed and capacity of human agents. When human and robots will do work collectively, they can produce an outstanding call center industry


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