Call Center Agent Duties and Responsibilities: Tactics to Success

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Enlisting brilliant employees, contact center manager, call center agents, human resources, trainer, and coach is similarly as imperative as having the right equipment. Competitors can be screened and you can give them a strong contest. Identity, expertise, fit and inspiration, the agents and the calling procedures. Despite your rundown of essentials, it’s useful to know precisely is you have the right persons in your business.

Call center operator is frequently a difficult activity; wondering how?

Furious clients shout and criticize them for their disappointment. Usually, a good agent faces disappointment frequently as compared to appreciation.  It gets tiresome and disappointing. What if the services are down? Again the agent is at the front end to answer it!

Here is a portion of the duties and responsibilities of an effective call center operator:

Answering Or Making Calls

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves” (Steve Jobs)

Main Duties Generally Include…

  • If it’s an inbound call center, answering phone calls on time. Responding late may result in longer calls queues building up!
  • Working in the outbound contact answer, keep and keep calling. This is even helpful to achieve your sales target.
  • You may need to look after the calls for the agent nearby, if he asks so, of course in some cases.
  • Remain active throughout the period of making or receiving calls.

Duty Summary…

Do you have an inbound call center job description for a resume? This is because most of the call centers are always seeking friendly and efficient agents. New in this job, you can learn to be best in a short period of time by becoming an expert in receiving or making calls. Either a bank call center, helpline call center or medical call center, this duty remains the same for all of them!

Decision Making Is Vital

According to Anon, “customer service is not a department, it’s everyone’s job”.

Main Duties Generally Include…

  • Instant decision making is a primary requirement of the call center job. Do you need to tell about the “product A” or “product X”?
  • A sales script is made available to agents. But is this the time to follow the script or another dynamic approach is the best solution?
  • Understand the situation, and make your own decision, before you are ready to help your client to make a one!

Duty Summary…

Call center skills and abilities for 2018 to include this skill as well. Dealing with different situations and different sort of people require decision making power. A person on the call is often relying on you to help him. Are you unable to actively respond and make decisions? This may leave you in trouble by getting negative feedback from a customer!

Process Information In The Right Way

A view expressed by W. Edwards Deming, “without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”. In addition to phone calls, resume description for call center require much more to enter!

Main Duties Generally Include….

  • Obtaining the customer information like name, contact data, recognizing customer interest area is of no use without recording.
  • Main customer database using the tools. Make it available, whenever someone asks for it!
  • Schedule appointments in the right way using the information.

Duty Summary…

Updates in the information and database are necessary to make instant and fruitful decisions. Moreover, if making a feedback call, it does require some data to initiate it in an impressive manner. Tell your agents about the importance of collecting and processing the information.

Making Recommendations to Customers

Medical call center representative duties and responsibilities differ a little from inbound/outbound contact center agent. Exceeding sales targets has always been big trouble for the agents, but not now! Making recommendations sort it out!

Main Duties Generally Include…

  • A client may need another product to solve out his complaint. Or there may be updates in the current package, which can help him!
  • A client looking for assistance in an issue or purchasing decision may require a recommendation from the agent.
  • As a smart call center operator, you can perform well and make more sales by making strong and right recommendations to your clients.

Duty Summary…

Generally, if you are on the call, you may need to deal with numerous clients’ types and problems. Delivering the right information and helping a customer may require expertise over general duties. If you are confident enough to make a recommendation, your clients will love it!

Conduct surveys

Not always, but you may need to carry it out sometimes! If you are not good at it, you can still learn to be good at it! take help from the online resources and ask your supervisor for it!


Main Duties Generally Include…

  • Look out for interesting and engaging questions to make survey interesting for your clients!
  • You are able to collect information directly or indirectly as well! To tell the truth, analyze the region and the targeted audience before carrying out a survey!
  • Making calls and collecting & recording the information!


Duty Summary….

In all honesty, surveys are usually required, when a new product or service is traduced. Or if a company is considering making changes in the products! Furthermore, you can carry it out for some time on a daily basis, rather than full time!


Adhering To Rules


Does your call center have policies and procedures set at the beginning?

Main Duties Generally Include…

  • Ask for the company policies in the training session, if they are not told by the coaches!
  • Refrain from the words and sentences which are conflicting with the company policies!
  • Share it will all the agents in the call center.

Duty Summary…

Carry out your job, following the activities which are in compliance with company policies and mission. Ask your supervisor for more details, if you get confused at any point!


Final Comments

Inside a contact center, there are basic roles: a Center Manager, Team Leaders, and Advisors. There are additionally other people as well, for example, HR, Trainers or Operational Management that assume a fundamental part. The mix up of all makes up the contact center. Operators need to extend their basic role of answering the calls to other roles to be successful. They should likewise center on composing and perusing understanding aptitudes for email, talk, online networking, and furthermore build up their skills in other areas as well.

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