Top Telemarketing Tips to Spark Your Call Center Performance

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Improving call center performance has always been a target of the call center supervisor and the owner. Call enter is a place where customers are calling for making a purchase or if they are looking for a solution, for the problem they are suffering with. However as the industry and competition are getting bigger, it requires expertise in certain areas. Boost your customer loyalty by implementing the right techniques at your contact center.

Improved and satisfactory call center performance is imperative for the survival and development of any smaller or bigger contact center. An organization that can adequately deal with its client efficiently can secure and ensure some of the loyal customers which are better than a lot of new customers!

Here are the essential keys and tips listed for the improvement of the call center performance and to confirm its stability in the long run:

Practices to Boost Call Center Performance

Focus and Measure for Ultimate Performance

This is such a simple approach and included in call center benchmarking best practices.

Walt Disney said, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again”. There are different aspects of the call center which must never be ignored.

In general, focusing on all the areas and tracking the metrics helps in improving call center performance. Playing a role of call center supervisor, measure the volume of incoming calls on any day, call drop ratio, how long it is answered, did the call end up as expected, the call center agent handling it and any other information!

Tips for Ultimate Performance

As a manager are you aware of the call center key performance indicators? Push your agents to do a better job by focusing on the areas which they are struggling to deal with or do a job yourself! Telling them the importance of call focus is also not bad!

Flexible Working Environment- This Is What Your Employees Want!

Some of the amazing quotes at Gallup News include, “working as a call center agent can be a lonely position, and sitting in a cubicle for hours on end can be hard on morale”. More often, the call center agents who are under pressure or stressed out, are unable to produce the results expected from them.

Call center metrics that matter most not only to improve the call center performance but to ensure labor retention and loyalty include the flexible working environment. A bit of appreciation, awards and call whisper is of great help.

Tips for Maintaining a Flexible Work Environment

Regardless of your targets, appreciate your agents, and advice them in a friendly way. Incentives and awards can double productivity at the call center. Moreover, frequent breaks and remaining polite with call center agents is further emphasized.

Skill-Based-Routing For Finest Performance

No agent like the idea of stress and hearing negative feedback from the customer. On the other hand, they want to assist the customer, however, if they are aware of the solution for a problem they are facing. When conducting call center quality assurance metrics, don’t forget about using the right skills of your call center agents!

Imagine an agent on the call, asked by a customer to help him in the technical set up of the machine. The agent is forwarding a call to another agent for help and in turn, the next agent doing the same! In this scenario, you may lose down your customer; however, you can save him down with skill-based routing.

Tips for Introducing Skill-Based Routing

Have you tried IVR technology? Among other features, you can save downtime of your agents with it! Customer satisfaction level is also achievable as they are able to get to the right agent and this means more profitability and outcome for the call center!


Agents with Proper Information Fit the Needs Of 2018

As a team supervisor, you must try to ensure, that all of your team members have all the information about the products and services. Empowering your agents is a way to improve the customer services and to fit the needs of the 2018 and beyond. Call center metrics industry standards do require training your agents to keep them updated with the knowledge!

A major way to drive success and increase the confidence of your agents is to train them with the knowledge and data requirements for personal improvement and for the job. Imagine a scenario, an agent who has solved the problem of the customer is asked by a customer to help him with another problem. If he has the right knowledge, he is able to him otherwise it might discourage the client and leave your agent under pressure as well.

Tips for Proper Knowledge

Appreciate your agents and give them extra time to learn about other products and services. Regular training sessions and coaching programs are more helpful. How about organizing a quick test or quiz at the end of the week.

Is It Time For Updating Technology?

Focusing on the different areas for improving call center performance while ignoring technology is nothing. If your agents are skilled enough to deal with agents however they are unable to do it because of the less connecting calls or if they are able to manage time, however, they don’t have enough calls in the day, this is trouble for your call center.

Check out, what type of drivers you are using at the contact center? Predictive or proactive dialers; which one is better? Is IVR technology requirement of your call center to work smoothly?

Tips for Updating Technology

Make a call to your service provider and tell him about the problems you are facing. You may need to upgrade the Cloud-based call center software! Check, if you call center system is able to record the call and the customer database! By making a look and analyzing the technology in your call center, you are able to make worthy decisions.

Ensure Exceptional Growth Of Your Call Center…..

Aside from some of the most basic practices, smart call center managers are aware of the other techniques as well.  Improving the agent’s knowledge or implementing the right technology not only reduce down the pressure on the agents, in fact, it automatically brings improvement in customers services!. In the event that you are interested in growing your call center, implement the above tips to get started with.

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