How to Make Secure Your Contact Center – Security Tips

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The contact center is a centralized office place to facilitate. This equipped to handle a large amount of customer phone queries for an industry. Usually, the call center handles all phone communication with advanced and existing customers. Else, referred to as call agents to admin phone-based communication.

The contact center can also use a suit that includes a tool for telephone switch functions. Whereas, intelligent routing, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, outbound dialing, and all components. Big industries may select to outsource, and this is a call center service. A contact center will able to provide the system and trained to ensure the quality services.

Security Tips of the Call Center

Employ a Multi-Layered – Phone-printing

Voice biometrics in some way is helping call center if issues. As such fraudster by passing knowledge-based authentication questions. A different-layer from of defense as such as phone-printing. It can assist these advisors to need.

The call center consultant is a good line of security. That lies in multi-layered fraud detection technology. Another biometric technology fall short inability to differentiate between devices or identify. Reason to identify patterns in user behavior.

Add an Audit Trail to Your Systems

It can quiet and simple to have an audit to trail on the server. It keeps track of all changes in the system. This is good practice to evolve the extent of the audit trail. It can be something like logbook for and considerable call center activity.

Deliberate Auto Alerts

This is a straightforward but effective security process. With several call centers that forget about with continual developments of technology.

Easy but if an irregularity detected, either red flagging it within the system itself. Sends an SMS to a human, using the phone network, so that differs from the internet.

Any query or issue may deal with the most efficient manner possible. Rather than no one will notice it for some days. Correctly, the part of this system isn’t used on a daily basis.

Assure Password Security

Some other fantastic security measure that is making sure about password protection. It can utilize by email attachments, reports, storage data, training, supervisor portals overnight batches. The encryption on these files generates an extra layer of safety. Even though this seen only by those who have granted the appropriate permissions.

Encrypt Social Media Accounts

Social media is your industry reputation. More often your website for some industries. This is where a customer communicates with you and expect to see customer service at its best.

Usernames and passwords encrypted that are essentials for good-practice security. Else, these mats only open with an access token or hash key. This represents the username and password for all these accounts to secure the data hacked.

When there is a breach of security and access so easy to revoke. Without changed compromising the real username and password.

Check the Type of Server – Using to Host Data

If selecting a vendor for your software. This is essential to be aware of the type of server. As they are planning to host your data on.


When your data is hosted on a shared server with many tenants. So make sure that they have some safety in place to save your confidential information. User can’t access permissions even by mistakes. However, your industry’s data is highly sensitive. This is recommended that your seller hosts that on a dedicated server.

Intelligent IVR Recording Apps, Analytics

The usage of IVR, recordings applications and speech analytics or more. With depth, customer profiling that will certainly help to battle fraud.

Communicating with customer related data sources presenting relevant information in single apps. To empower the call center and draw rapid conclusions when something isn’t going well.

Develop in revolutionary technology that is meeting with new grounds. As such biometrics and artificial intelligence. No doubt, humans are unique individual as such display patterns. It can record analyzed the identifications

Compliance Procedure

With more and more you can limit the number of people that exposed to sensitive data. The amount of data that they can see the more secure when you are going to be. The best notion when your people never exposed to cardholder data in the first place.

Best technology like IVR allows the company to offload the cost and risk. You can generate your own PCI DSS compliant procedure. Get your call center consultants to handle the credit card payments. This is how easy to understand the complexity and cost risk of doing so.

Use Cloud – Meet PCI Compliance

PCI compliance can work simpler with advanced cloud-based applications. With entire advisor conversation that can record without interruption.

Usually, phone keypad uses to enter card detail in secure mode with masked tone. That tone cannot be identified. Payments are safe secure with reps. That remains on call to assist the customer throughout the procedures.

Primarily, use a cloud call center, and it takes the queries of compliance. With making the jobs of PCI compliance a bright all-around prospect for you. It is providing the best experience for customers.

Divert Revelation.

Divert detection takes into an account. A redirected call, forwarded SMS message, to help boost security assurances.

With this a real-time check at the network level and industry transparent to the customer. That doesn’t demand any extra software divert detection and allows to detect. Usually, transactions can immediately be canceled.

Distract is a robust service to indicate whether fraudulent activity is about to take place. Either responding reactivity after an incidence of fraud that occurred.

Assure Network System Compliant – PCI Guidelines.

If it comes to customer data in the call center, so a secure computing environment resistant. This is an essentials attacks. Cyber-security experts that make it clear. This is impossible to keep hackers out of the network. This can communicate to the outside world.

The most important job is to customer network that is traffic continuously. Even though, it may identify and deal with rapidly. All traffic from unsafe network and hosts have to restrict. There has never to be any direct access between any network components. These all are comprising cardholder data and the internet.

They have a key for IT security policies. And the process that offered total visibility of the entire network. This is all communicates and entitled to do what. Deprived of this visibility the system that will be disposed to weak links. It can be subjugated by cyber-criminals and hackers.

Strict Role – Security

The environment of any call center, adviser and supervisor desktop. That have role-based log-ins to limit the numbers of team exposed sensitive data. This also makes sure that individual staff member. Also, have access to what they need to do with their jobs.

Preserve Customers’ Data – Physical Security Procedures.

The infrastructure like the staff and user security. Whereas, the call center ought to take physical security measures. This is to restrict access to sensitive customer and payment data. Security measurement can include surveillance cameras also security staff with proper background checks.


Organize a Secure Cloud-Based Solution.

Reports specify that 81% of companies that aren’t still PCI DSS compliant. As four out of five failing at the interim assessment stage and opening themselves up fine in the future.

Therefore that makes sense to work with PCI compliant technology partner. The main danger points for call center security fall within three areas. Storage people and infrastructure. The quality of careless employee’s accesses to call recording, write down should not ignore.

The placement of a reliable and safe cloud-based solution. This is a way of growing security levels, aid organizational data security PCI compliance. Purpose of saving it sensitivity of customer data all time. Robust and secure infrastructure.

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