How to Use Rewards for Employee Recognition in Call Center?

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Employee rendezvous is one of the huge customer service quality and employee retention. Mostly customer service leads know it is essential to recognize & reward service excellence. Whereas, several of them do not have a formal contact center rewards program in place. They figure it out of their reach.

You hear this in some conversation with customer service leader. Some of them tell you about it. They don’t have a budget for rewards “or” isn’t measuring performance systematically. So here is no reasonable basis for it.

If you have some idea of call center rewards program for the same reasons; the truth is always there. Nothing is preventing you from recognizing your top performers. Your selections limited just for your imagination. Besides, some of the best and most effective rewards required no investment at all.

So, there is no right method to distribute rewards. You should determine that approach is the best fit for your process. It will also deliver the most value.

Easy and Creative Call Center Rewards and Recognition Ideas

Preferential Scheduling

This is the only thing that people value as much or maybe more than money. Eventually, different contact center employee an opportunity to select or at least influence. Typically, the time slot of their work shift in enticing motivator.

The system has the advantage of giving employees more control over their time in exchange for excellent work. It is also offering those at second tier an incentive to keep reaching for top during the next area.

Team Competition

Must organize your employees into teams. That is working towards an incentive based on their growing stats. It allows you to make most of your motivations budget with reward.

It would be an inexpensive shared sort of pizza party. It also has the advantage of components of cooperation, team camaraderie, yet. A small bit of friendly social pressure to work hard.


The inspiration of the team to develop measurable necessary goals for office accomplish together. Might be all your reps are experts an efficient lag or customer satisfaction rates? These aren’t as huge as you like them to be.

Extreme buy-in from the employee, to collect and curate their suggestions for team improvements goals. So develop a reward that everyone can enjoy together as a result of reaching the goal.

A group outing, or something else that rewards achievement. As such built your staff communication.


When you think your employees will not happy/motivate via a big ticket item. Consider developing a lottery system for employee performance. Employees those who reach a particular benchmark of success.

A specific number of satisfied customer or a particular amount of accumulated figures. It will enter into sweepstakes for massive, buzz-worthy reward products.

Ideas also include a weekend stay or sort of concert tickets or a cash prize. The regularity of these raffle drawing may depend on budget. Either, no-winning employees, names can remain for a time.

As such incentive’s employee to keep working hard to enhance their odds more for each period.

Play Survivor

A self-contained environment of the call center to recreate the game of survivor for fun.

Split your reps up into teams. Every day decides on as such positive feedback, best quality score, or fast handling time.

So, write a message to tell about what day’s contest is. Besides, the staff meets at the beginning of each shift to plan their tactics for upcoming tasks.

At the end of the shift, a team comes in first to get a reward or point towards the final prize. It is losing staff that should eliminate a team member. With those excluded that placed together to make a new team.

Trivia Contest

Motivate your staff to work together with contact center plans involving trivia. It can be about little-known facts about work. This may be purely coming from the general culture.

A typical question is announces at the start of each shift. After that, a contact center stats are check for the day. The reps with the best metrics and get to guess. When they don’t imagine right, so a person with the second best metrics may get a chance.

Call Center Stars

Usually, call center contest ideas to revolve around the concept of the game. These games are best of course. They also keep everything in fun and reduce stress, too. This is a way to incentivize your reps to put the focus on reward instead of game.

This could be a wall display with a star for each week’s winner. Offer prizes is a great reward, but the feeling of being recognize for your work. This is from your manager and peers that is also very rewarding.

Wheel of Appreciation

Usually, commendation calls are few and far between. Most of the customer doesn’t have much time to call and compliment. Else, someone who has given the best service. If those calls come in, it is a rare occurrence. And that should be rewarded with something significant.

The wheel of appreciation is always in contact center to remind your customer satisfaction. It may sit there for weeks before someone gets a chance to spin it.

Friday Barbecue

More often, people think of work that as a place you go that you have to do survive. Sometimes, this is nice to think of work as a place you enjoy being in too. Having these days where you have fun. After work provider best contact center incentives.

Usually, many centers work outside the window. It may need to be creative about if have your fun activities. So if you need to and you can set it up to bridge the time before.

Get Everyone On Board

This is always an advantage to recognize your top performers. Might be reps who do a good job without ever getting rewarded for it. It also makes sure that everyone has a chance to participate in games.

This makes sure everyone finds their own best qualities and reasons to shine. Must remember that you cannot run the contact center with a few top performances. You have everyone beyond measure.

How Should Structure Your Call Center Rewards Program?

There two different ways, can go, rewarding reps on an individual basis or highlighting team successes. Besides, it can integrate with these approaches, but these by large and you will need to select one or the other.

Eventually, both program types that have big upsides. When you reward individual reps, and they will motivate it more.

It will also help with their career progression. When you focus on teams, it will stimulate friendly competition & generate more cohesive. So deciding that way to go is a matter of priorities that may change over time.


Keep motivate employees, can challenge in any company. Especially the case for contact centers. Even though, it may think that employee happiness seems little too. Surveys show that happy employees are more productive.

Several employees may prefer that you, as Jerry Maguire says, “Show them money, cash & bonuses can’t value them. The only way to show your employees” it values their hard work.

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