12 Practical Ways to Reduce Call Wrap Up Time In A Call Center

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12 Practical Ways to Reduce Call Wrap Up Time In A Call Center
The call center industry mainly focuses on customer satisfaction, which demands quality. You need to be smart, and instant solution-oriented to manage call wrap up time. In a contact center, AHT is the key indicator of performance, which depends upon wrapup time

Wrap up time also known as after call work (ACW). It shows the processing time after the call until its release after a complete solution. By reducing (ACW), you can balance your AHT (Average Handle Time) which saves your cost and boosts your performance. You can reduce your wrap up time in the following ways.

#1 Training, training, and again training

Certainly, the best way you can get benefits from your call center agents or CSO is only through training. During training must focus on the following things on priority.

  • System handing
  • KBS reading training
  • Greetings
  • Query identification skills
  • Smartly time management
  • Customer handling skills
  • System navigation
  • Pressure handling

Above all, the performance of a call center agent depends upon training. Therefore, the vigorously you train them the better they accomplish. Train them again and again and get perfection. Above all, you must learn to improve call center key performs indicators as it certainly boosts your confidence.

2# Adopt fast and latest technology to reduce call wrap up time

During work, fast and the latest technology helps you get quick output. Most importantly, it helps in better navigation, fast multitasking, and instant query solution. All the gadgets attached must be in proper working conditions. Check each and everything before starting your shift so that you don’t have any problem during the call.

For example 🙁 Latest CRM and VM)

#3 Solution oriented product knowledge on fingertips

Customer satisfaction depends on solving customer queries during a call as quickly as possible. It will only be possible when you have solution-oriented product knowledge on your fingertips. You can answer more perfectly and also make better system handling, which ends up with perfect call handling.

For Example: (Features of Product and Services)

#4 Improve Call Wrap Up Time by Quick Interaction between Multiple Applications

In the contact center, you have to be a one-man army. Customers can have multiple queries, or any queries need to be checked on multiple applications. You need to be super-fast between all applications. In this way, you can reduce your wrap up time but don’t forget to maintain the quality.

#5 Reduce Average Call Wrap Up Time with Smart IVR Solutions

If you want to add enhancement in your contact center quality and reduce wrap up time. You can use smart IVR to solve the regular simple queries. In this way, you can reduce the burden on agents, and your customers can get better solutions.

For example: (Internet Setting, Balance Inquiry, etc.)#6 Multitasking

We consider the call center industry as the toughest regarding working. Certainly, this job required multitasking on multiple platforms at the same time. You also need to provide the best result oriented solution quickly.

Above all, you need a lot of hard work, training, and professionalism. Certainly, with well-organized multitasking, you can reduce your wrap up time.

For example: (CRM, KBS, Portal)

#7 Fast Typing Speed and Use of Text Speech

To manage your wrap up time, you must have fast typing. You can also use text expander or voice typing to save your time. If you are wondering how to reduce wrap up time in a call center you can easily manage with fast typing speed.

For example (Google Voice Typing, Text Expander, etc.)#8 Assessment Recorded Calls

You can only be perfect when you analyze the loopholes and mistakes in your system. To use your resources and reduce call wrap up time, you need to double-check again and again. Most importantly, you can find all these gaps through recorded calls, then you can manage with training more energetically.

#9 Easy KBS Formatting

KBS contains all the information that can be required by customers. It can regard the problem, information, offer or complaint. It’s not possible for call center agents to remember all the KBS. By using smart navigation after identification of a query you can manage your wrap time and AHT.

#10 Call distribution

Wrap up time mostly increased when CSO could not resolve the query on time. Similarly, it mostly happens when he received an odd query or in which CSO is not that familiar with the query. You can also reduce your call wrap up time by call distribution to the person who can perfectly handle that query. You can divide calls in your team if possible according to the customer type.

For example: (Prepaid Customers, Postpaid Customers, and Landline)

#11 Review Call Wrap Up time

A most effective way to reduce wrap up time is analyzing where your agent is lacking or spending maximum time after the call. Above all, you can train that person again and again. Certainly, it will only be possible when you review your call wrap up time through the system.

For example: (Complain processing is slow)

Review a wrap-up call in the following ways:

  • Identify a perfect solution regarding queries taking long call wrap up time
  • Find the best way to handle wrap up time for the query
  • Identify a real problem in a complex query
  • System processing after a call or during a call
  • Total AHT for the query
  • Identify which queries take maximum wrap up time

Once you identify the real problem with the perfect solution certainly you will get better results with the training. You can reduce your wrap up time for every call in this way as a result.

#12 Punching Perfect Call Reasons

In every call, there is particular information that you shared with the customer. You also need to record your every call with a suitable call reason for future records. By identifying problems and punching correct call reasons, you can save your call wrap up time as a result.

For example (mute call, distorted call, and complaint)

This call reason will be in three categories.

  • Information
  • Complain
  • Processing

By choosing smart punch lines, you can easily manage your call records. As a result, you can also save average call wrap- up time.


First, in the call center industry, you need to focus on every factor to become the best. Secondly, the goods and services you are providing depending a lot on the customer support you are providing. Above all, the call centers can help you manage your goodwill. Secondly, and most importantly, your sales with maximum customer satisfaction.

You need to maintain your AHT above all to provide perfect customer services. By reducing the wrap-up time using the above ways. You can manage your time, energy, and performance. You can serve maximum customers by saving costs in a better way. Make sure you apply those practices and train your resources to reduce your call wrap up time.

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