Seasonal Call Volume Spikes

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Seasonal call volume spikes are mostly in the holiday season. As all, we know that vacation time can be stressful for you, your agents as well as your customers. However, it is important to prepare yourself for handling these seasonal call spikes and prevent customer bad reviews, dissatisfaction as well as agents’ frustration. In the holiday season where things did not go smoothly, you consider some points that help you to minimize the seasonal call spikes.

Understanding seasonal call spikes

Seasonal call volume spikes are also called high call volume. It’s referred to the sudden increase in the call volume above the regular volume that you handle. This dramatic rise in calls can last for several days, hours, and weeks. Research shows that seasonal call volume spikes are high to be 10 times above the normal rate of inbound calls.

Reasons for unexpected high call volume

There are numerous reasons for high call volume that call centers to face this situation and handle. Seasonal call volume spikes can be external like natural disasters. For example, the COVID19 pandemic canceled the flights and organization work remotely. So, in this situation customers and agents are frustrated, and handling the call volume is a challenge. Other than that, customers reach out to the call center in record numbers in answer to somewhat the organization did.

5 tips to prepare these spikes

Keep the following points in your mind to handle the seasonal call volume spikes smoothly.

1)Teams Communication

Communicate with your teams like support, account, sales, marketing, account management, etc. consistently because sometimes clients get wrong information that they don’t require. This generates bad review calls. However, arrange general meetings and communicate with your multiple department’s teams to define products or any updates and changes. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and knowledgeable regarding all departments.

2)Give training to your new and current agents

Some agents are new and they have not well understood about your products and services. Train well and quickly these agents that they fully understand your company services, products, and procedures. Focus your efforts because it increases the business efficacy and growth. Arrange a comprehensive training program where you give complete training and be tested on. To avoid the callbacks, excessive transfers, and long hold time during seasonal call volume spikes, you will require agents that will quickly answer the questions as well as deal with the request on the first call.


This is a more considerable option because training reps to specify in a different department. When calls are coming, they perhaps would not be spread evenly across departments. So, if appropriate within your business, have the reps become more dynamic and flexible. In this way, more questions are handled as well as decrease the hold time.

4)Identify your agents’ skills

The best way to decrease the transfers and save your agents time is to route the message to the appropriate agent. However, identify your agent skills and route the message to the appropriate agent because this agent fulfills the customer demand in the best manner. To accomplish this purpose, using the IVR system will ensure the calls hit the appropriate agent that is appropriate to handle and resolve the call. Moreover, this is essential when seasonal call spike, since the transfers will add up to a lot of wasted time.

5)Analyze the whole procedure

When you are fully prepared then analyze the whole procedure because it is the best strategy to improve your system and handle the high call volume. Analyze previous holiday or seasonal call volume spikes time because it is best to modify your techniques and practices to get the best results.

2022 Plan

Busy seasons take a long time to plan for. Whether or not you are capable to accomplish all the optimization you had like this season. Learn the previous season and prepare for 2022. Improve your strategy and achieve your goal. Conversational AI is more powerful as well as easier to implement. Implement this in your business to improve productivity.


Seasonal call spikes are usually a good thing for the company. It reflects the company’s efforts in marketing as well as broader clients reach. Effective management and choosing appropriate strategies to turn the call spikes into an opportunity that enhances the sales. Evaluate your team and recognize workers who can keep pace.

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