Hitting the power of productivity with a power dialer

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Customer communication is the biggest factor of any business efficacy. When you want to call a bunch of people then it is so difficult task that calls the person one after the other.
With the introduction of power dialers in the market, this makes easy as well as business become more efficient.

What Is a power dialer?

The power dialer is an automated dialer because this dialer dials the number one after the other without any manual effort. You just select your number by using this dialer as well as desired contacts to call and it automatically dials the numbers taking away your manual discomfort.
If you are confused with power dialer and predictive dialer then understand it clearly because understanding the difference between these two dialers is necessary.

Difference between power dialer and predictive dialer

Both dialers are effective and best for enhancing productivity but there is a little difference.

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer dials a group of contacts but considers the obtainability of a sales rep. The algorithm that is used in the predictive dialer is designed in such a way that it calls multiple prospects at the same time. In addition, pass the answered calls to sales reps as per their availability.
Furthermore, this dialing technique is very old that been used in the call centers for debt collection way back. In present days, predictive dialing is so popular and utilize in many organizations.

Power Dialer

On the other hand, the power dialer dials the numbers one after the other among the selected contact list where contacts are preferred by the sales rep.
So, you can say that predictive dialing is the best option when you want to call huge numbers without any preference while a power dialer is the best choice when you have a lot of calls to make with preference. It is very helpful for such dialing.

Power dialer working

In this dialing strategy, when the power dialer reaches the unanswered, busy numbers then it automatically dials the next number on the contact list. However, when any call is answered then the power dialer connects this number with the available call center agent immediately.

When power dialer prefers

Even though predictive dialer is more proficient as compared to power dialer but power dialing gives more control to your agents. Other than that, the speed of the predictive dialer is measured by an algorithm while the speed of the power dialer is measured by your agents.
However, if you find which dialing speed is faster then you change the settings. So, the best time for selecting the power dialer is that when you have huge numbers and you want automatic dialing. Moreover, contact also requires personalized care. In this way, agents are capable to reach their contact rapidly without dropping any calls. In addition, with the right choice of software, your team will be ready with applicable client information when they connect with them.

Benefits of power dialer software

There are some major advantages of power dialer that are given below:

1)Drastic productivity

There is no doubt that a power dialer increases efficiency and working progress. As well as no manual effort. Just click on the call button to call any client. Enhance productivity with a power dialer because you just select your desired contacts and the power dialer takes the charge of dialing part. Moreover, you experienced that by utilizing this dialer you can enhance the overall performance of your agent 2X.


When the dialing process is automatically then you save your time. Save your time with the automatic dialing process and improve business effectiveness. Moreover, the power dialer will take you to the appropriate record screen where you can complete the essential actions. After that, move to the next call automatically.

3)Increase Revenue

You can increase the revenue by utilizing a power dialer in your business. This is a massive development in the calling approach in the call center. However, entertain deals on time as well as close more deals. Businesses close more sales and generate more revenue.

4)Plan your whole day

With the help of a power dialer, you can plan your whole day. All you have to do is select the right calling actions that you need to perform every day. After that, hit the start button.

What kinds of organizations use power dialers?

Power dialer software is beneficial in any situation where a huge call volume is required. In the call center, you can eliminate the repetitive tasks of dialing as well as selecting numbers. If you are using call center software then this dialer is best for you. The sales team wants to get more people as quickly as possible.Some industries are especially used power dialers and, in these industries, this dialer is more effective than real estate companies where they do prospect to look for sellers and homebuyers. To accomplish this task, they use a power dialer. Other than bill and debt collection agencies also used this dialer. Moreover, political marketing companies use this dialer for running general surveys.


To conclude, a power dialer has more potential to expand output and agent ability. For outbound calling power, the dialer is the dramatic hero regarding its advantages. As well as agents easy to understand this and it is very cost-effective.

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