VOIP predictive dialer: make calls effortlessly and increase sales

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VOIP predictive dialing is the best way to improve the productivity of agents and get more revenue. This is an advanced and efficient technology that helps you to increase sales as well as you can make your business better. VOIP predictive dialer doesn’t need a physical connection or voice modem.
By employing this dialer, calls are made through the internet. So, agents can work at their homes with comfort or offices. As well as calls are accelerated to the agent’s laptop through the local area network.

VOIP Predictive Dialer

VOIP stands for “voice over internet protocol” and it is a dialer that uses an internet connection rather than an analog telephone system. It is a process of creating multimedia sessions over the internet as well as delivering voice communication. In addition, VOIP comprises software and hardware that enable this to receive and make calls via the internet.

Why VOIP Predictive Dialer

A VOIP predictive dialer is a technique that is employed in a call center because in call centers communication with customers is the main part and it allows automated calls via the internet. With this dialer, you just need a headphone, a computer, and an internet connection. Agents tend to their calls whether they are at their homes or offices. You don’t require a carrier, a phone line, or even a phone.
By operating this technique, you can save your money because this technology doesn’t need too much infrastructure only dial sessions are created that you can create virtually anywhere.

Who prefers VOIP technology?

In the past decade, VOIP offered just internet phone call service but with time new advancements and more options are available in this technology. A contact center makes their business more effective and established with VOIP predictive dialer software. They transform their manual dialing into an automatic dialing process and reduce the agent’s idle time.
However, VOIP predictive dialer is mostly used in customer service, telemarketing, and marketing research. Another major benefit of the VOIP predictive dialer is that it assigns the calls to qualified agents because these agents answer the calls efficiently. Every contact center employs this feature to make their business more proficient and grasp more customers.

Working procedure of VOIP predictive dialer

VOIP Predictive dialer dials several numbers at once that is based on some factors like campaign pre-set ratio and average call interval for the agent. Moreover, this efficient dialer noticed all busy signals as well as those numbers that are out of service in the phone numbers list. In addition, this strategy can differentiate between when a call is sent and when a call is directed to voicemail.
Connected calls transfer to the contact center agents automatically and in this way, they utilize their time to connect more calls and idle time is very less. To send multimedia files and voice messages it uses IP networks. However, it makes the VOIP application and communication easy for everyone. Furthermore, it is more productive by integrating various collaborations and business work processes. Analyze that how businesses operate than integrate with various processes that make this system more productive. It also offers real-time analytics that brings more improvements to your business.

Power dialer working

In this dialing strategy, when the power dialer reaches the unanswered, busy numbers then it automatically dials the next number on the contact list. However, when any call is answered then the power dialer connects this number with the available call center agent immediately.

Different kinds of VOIP communication

There are three kinds of VOIP communication services that boost the communication experience as well as improve the communication experience.

1) Phone to phone
2) Computer to computer
3) Computer to phone

VOIP services offer numerous business options that never before. You can make calls anywhere but the internet connection must be stable. Furthermore, you can communicate with your customers according to your way. Shortly you can say that VOIP is the new technique of doing business.

Grow your business with VOIP Predictive Dialer

Businesses use VOIP Predictive dialer because it has various features like:

Enhance business productivity

Increase business productivity with this dialer by eradicating manual dialing. Manual dialing takes a lot of time to find contact and dial while enhancing the dialing proficiency with automatic dialing. With this procedure, you can increase the productivity of the business as well as agents.


With VOIP predictive dialer you can cut your unnecessary cost by repetitive tasks automatically. As well as you don’t need call scheduling.

Easy to organize

VOIP Predictive dialer is easy to organize. You can easily set up this system. You just need a stable internet connection and device with predictive dialer software that is the most significant part of this technology. Besides this, these dialers are affordable and highly reasonable and give more benefits to contact centers.

Customer satisfaction

The main goal of your organization is to satisfy your customers. As we all know that contact center’s primary goal is to raise customer experience. So, VOIP Predictive dialer assists you to do that because in this way you can enhance the potential of the contact center and receive high-volume calls. So fewer customers are kept in a waiting queue. Additionally, most predictive dialers have more features that increase the business performance as well as monitor this. Furthermore, improve the customer experience and service.


With VOIP Predictive dialing, you can make your business more proficient and highly reliable because it can do more intelligent tasks that used to be completed by humans. Automated calls save human time because coders just give the command and this dialer works more closely with humans to accomplish the goal. Employ this technology to make your business more efficient.

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