Outbound dialer: Everything you need to know about outbound dialing

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Outbound dialer: Everything you need to know about outbound dialing

Outbound dialer helps sales agents to reach maximum customers efficiently. Outbound dialers can be very useful for businesses, it improves agent productivity, conversion rate, and customer experience by streamlining the calling operations. If you are considering using an outbound dialer for your business, it is important to be aware of its benefits, types and uses to be sure that you are using the system in a way that is respectful of your customers.

What is an outbound dialer?

In the past decade, call center agents make outbound calls manually which is a more time-consuming task. An outbound dialer is a software that makes outgoing calls by using automation technology. However, agents handle a large volume of calls and dial a huge number of contacts intelligently. So, these dialers increase the efficiency of the calling process by automating many of the tasks that would otherwise be done manually, such as call initiation, number dialing, and call duration. They also allow businesses to make more calls in a shorter period, which can lead to more sales or collections.

How does an outbound dialer work?

The call center industry offers a variety of services and makes thousands of calls in a day to aware customers of them. Moreover, it can offer services to different kinds of industries that require dialing campaigns. So, call center executives make these campaigns, assign agents to them and describe rules as per requirement. After that, the outbound dialer initiates a call by selecting numbers from the list depending on the pre-defined rules.


Other than that, it screens out the unproductive leads before connecting to the live agent to maximize productivity. The system dials the numbers in the database and connects the call to an available agent. The agent then speaks to the person who answered the phone. After finishing the call, the dialer connects to the next one immediately. Based on numerous features, the outbound dialer has different types.

Different types of an outbound dialer software

There are various types of outbound dialers based on their features:

Predictive dialer

A predictive dialer connect the call when the agent is available. It uses a specific algorithm that predicts the agent’s availability as well as assigns a call to an agent when their call is near to end. This is the best way for an outbound calling system and more productive. Furthermore, it calculates the average call time of an agent. Boost agent efficiency and reduce their idle time with an automatic dialing system.

Power dialer:

Power dialer dial numbers in a sequence. This dialer dials numbers in a contact list when an agent is available. If the number is busy, wrong, or goes to voicemail, the power dialer jumps to the next one automatically. This dialing strategy is more effective to improve customer service because it ensures that no customer gets the call when the agent is not available.

Preview dialer:

When using preview dialing, the agent reviews the next customer’s contact information and decides to make a call or skip this. However, it provides an extensive amount of time before contacting which allows the agents to personalize the interaction. The preview dialer is more effective when any campaign requires higher specifications to convert more leads.

Progressive dialer:

In this dialing, the agent receives the customer information at the same time when a call is being made. So, the agent has less time to review the customer information and prepare to handle this call. Furthermore, if the number is busy then it moves to the next number.

Why outbound dialer is important for your business

If you’re in the business world, then you know that making calls is an essential part of your job. And if you want to be successful, you need to make a lot of calls. But manual dialing each number can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you get a lot of busy signals or wrong numbers. That’s where an outbound dialer comes in.

An outbound dialer is an automated system that calls numbers for you, saving you time and hassle. It can also help you make more calls in a day, which can lead to more sales and more business opportunities. So, if you’re not using an outbound dialer, you’re missing out on a valuable tool that can help you succeed. It is best for

  • Improve efficiency
  • Boost sales
  • Minimize operational cost
  • Improve customer experience

A closer view of outbound dialers

Outbound dialers


Dialer feature

Dialing rate

Best for

Predictive dialerPredict the agent availability and connect the call with the live agent.Connect calls with live agents by ignoring the busy signals.Dial more than 100 calls per hour.Reduce idle time and handle a large volume of calls.
Power dialerDial the next number automatically after finishing the previous one.Dial each number on the list sequentially.Lining up each phone number with a live agent. Dial numbers one by one. Make 50 dials per hour.Calling campaigns, data collection campaigns where agents need to survey contacts.
Preview dialerAgents review the detailed information of the next customer before connecting. They decide to make or skip the call.Select a customer record from the contact list and propose this to an agent.Based on an agent to make calls after reviewing customer information.Customer service and technical support team.
Progressive dialerProgressive dialing is an automatic dialing strategy that presents the contact information before dialing a phone number. The agent reviews the contact detail at a specific time before the dialer automatically places the call.Automate the process of making outbound calls.Make upto 70 calls per hour. When calling customers expect 21 live calls.Maintain a consistent pace of dialing.

How to choose the right dialer for your business

Right dialing software improves agent efficiency and business productivity by reducing manual dialing. However, it is important to pick the right dialing software for higher productivity and maintain the business reputation. When you choose dialer consider some important factors:

  • Industry type
  • Target market
  • Total number of agents
  • Scalability
  • Lead source

It is most important to measure what is appropriate for your business. Never ignore the above-mentioned factors for choosing the dialer because different industries have specific requirements for outbound dialers. That is the reason these have different types.

If you are confused about which dialer is the best for you, visit Dialer360. We make sure that our outbound dialers cover all the features you needed for productive results. Make more calls and increase sales rate by utilizing our dialer.

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