Outbound sales vs Inbound sales: How doing both can maximize the result

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In an organization, an effective sale strategy is necessary to grow business. In the call center business sales are inbound or outbound. As well as many calls center provide both outbound and inbound services.

How to know that which one is best for you?

Many employees work as sales professionals in call centers and want to know which strategy they use. It depends upon your business along with other business approaches.

Difference between outbound sales and inbound sales

The key difference between inbound and outbound sales is the origination of leads.

Inbound sales

When leads come from potential customers and they want to get your company services or inquire about your products then this is called inbound sales. However, the marketing team is answerable to generate inbound sales. To accomplish this purpose, they should work on time and give the proper information to the customers and distinguishability is the target market.

Outbound sales

In outbound sales, you convince your target customers to buy your company’s product or services. Customers that are not familiar with your services, contact them and describe your services and company efficiently.

However, it is the responsibility of an individual salesperson and business development team.

In conclusion, you can say that inbound sales are “warm leads” because in this category customer is interested in your product and want to get your company services. Moreover, every sales professional knows well about the product as well as the context regarding customer requirements. Therefore, inbound sales conversation is better.

However, sales professionals never guess that every inbound sale is ready to convert. Sometimes many queries are not aligned to the customer challenge.

On the other hand, outbound sales are harder to reach but these are not underestimated. They assist the sales professional to expand their market. As a result, the target is internally recognized as well as qualification procedure is simple.

Outbound and inbound sales strategies

Every sales organization want to achieve their goal and to accomplish this purpose they design strategies. With unique they know how they qualify for more outbound sales and inbound sales opportunities. The elements of the unique strategy are applied to both inbound and outbound sales teams. These elements are given below:

Specify your goals:

Specify organizational goals and design the strategy for inbound and outbound sales. These goals are differed and overlap for each exertion but specify the goals and ensure that your whole team recognizes these strategies.

Meaningful KPIs

Outline the performance prospects that will assist the team’s struggle. As well as these KPIs support the accomplishment of the established planned goals.

Assigned Role

By designing the strategies, you must assign the role that who is responsible to maintain the performance. In addition, manage all performances that are against the established KPIs.A role assignment needs associations across departments.

Identify Tools

Identify all tools that you require for outbound sales and inbound sales processes. Sometimes you need to buy new tools for specific struggles and sometimes you use existing tools. Think all of them and sketch that which tools are best for success and set your sales professionals.

Outline the process

Create a formal process as well as outline each step of the process that follows every sales professional.

Reporting Plan

Determine all factors regarding performance. In addition, you determine when you will create a report. Create and provide the report timely and take actions according to this report if want to require improvements.

Define methodology

Define the methodology in a clear way as well as define skills that employ your team to stream the outbound and inbound sales. Make sure that your team uses the right tools along with the methodology to support the defined process. As your team practices each element of this strategy then a path towards success in both outbound sales and inbound sales.

Inbound sales stages

In this technique, companies grasp interested customers. The focus of the inbound sales is on customer necessities. It has four stages:


Identify the potential customers and then convert them into leads. Through webinars, contact details, and seminars you can find contacts as well as identify them.

2)Connection with leads

In this stage, you assist the leads and are aware of them to their all-desired requirements. In addition, you can aware you whether you can help them or not.


Communicate with leads deeply and attain their result as well as explore their tasks. After that analyze your products that these are fit according to customer demand or not.


When you make sure that your contributions are the best fit according to customer requirements then you give advice to your lead and they become your client.

Outbound sales stages

The outbound sales process has five stages:


Define your anticipated market along with market sections. After that, prepare your team to reach your goal by identifying the potential customers.

2)Lead Generation

When you define your targeted customers then you obtain their contact information.

3)Qualify Leads

The outbound sales team finds the contact list and calls them. If they find out that customers are fit for their services or product then they move to the next step otherwise remove these customers from the list.

4)Display Solution

At this stage, the sales team schedules a meeting and displays all benefits of their products to the leads.

5)Close Deal

When all goes fine then signed the contract with the customer.

Which one is right inbound or outbound?

Inbound and outbound both are effective when you choose according to your business. Large companies do not fix on one approach they adjust according to their organization’s demands. No survey and no scientific rule is determined that only one approach can be successful that’s why to adjust both sales methods according to your business.


Outbound sales and inbound sales both increase the productivity of business because many organizations employ both categories. Successful companies train their customers and get the desired result. Moreover, they choose appropriate strategies according to their business requirement.

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