A comprehensive guide to call center campaigns: Definition and types

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Call center campaigns are the way of engaging customers with your brand by proactive calling contacts. These are important to drive business leveraging calling. These days businesses improve customer experience but struggle to keep the balance between customer experience and operational effectiveness.

Call center campaigns can be very effective in generating sales or leads. However, they can also be very costly, so it is important to carefully consider your goals and objectives before launching a campaign. Additionally, you will need to have a good understanding of your target audience and what type of message will resonate with them.

Call center campaigns: what is it?

Call center campaigns refer to an effort of your team to make calls actively for achieving a specific goal. It is the smart way to arrange calling activities and improve the success rate. Call center agents can segment their calls according to different criteria such as customer type, goal, region, etc. You can use the idea of running a call center campaign to meet the business goals for example close more inbound sales campaigns, qualify prospects, and boost customer service.

The importance of call center campaigns

Call center campaigns are important for businesses because they provide a way to connect with customers and promote products or services. By using a call center campaign, businesses can reach out to a large number of people at once and offer them something that they may be interested in. Call center agents handle a large volume of calls every day as well as they are responsible to satisfy customers in a well-mannered way. Meanwhile, outbound calling quotas are also not easy to fulfill. Arrange to call activities and improve success rate with the help of a call center campaign. Calling processes to drive to the specific goal and standards engage customers as well as agents. However, this contributes to better customer service and optimize sales.

Call center campaign types

Call center campaigns are divided into two parts that are outbound calling campaigns and inbound calling campaigns. Let’s elaborate on both types of campaigns:

1.  Outbound calling campaign

Outbound calling campaigns are part of telemarketing where agents make calls and aware the customers of their services or products. Ask some questions to the customers and get valuable information. Additionally, outbound call centers fall into 3 types of calling campaigns:

Warm outreach campaign

A warm outreach campaign is a type of marketing campaign where businesses reach out to potential customers who have already shown an interest in what they have to offer. These campaigns can take many different forms, but they all have one goal in common: to build relationships with potential customers and convert them into paying customers. Warm outreach campaigns can be very effective, but they require a lot of planning and effort to execute properly. Furthermore, this is not just for closing sales but finding customers. So, you can strengthen your warm lead qualification energies by recording every interaction with the help of CRM.

Cold calling campaign

Cold calling is the business practice of making calls to potential customers who are not contacting with you before. Cold calling can be an effective way to reach new customers, but it can also be a challenging process. businesses must carefully plan their cold calling campaigns and create scripts that will engage potential customers. Additionally, businesses must be prepared to handle objections from potential customers who are not interested in what they are selling. The first point of contact is for informing the customer of your product or service as well as defining the need for purchasing it. However, cold outreach does not translate to approaching random prospects.

Survey campaign

Survey campaigns can be conducted online, through e-mail, phone, or in person. They can be used to target a specific group of people or can be sent to a large group to get a general idea of public opinion.  Some outbound call center conducts this campaign, collect data, understand customer preferences and offer services accordingly. Survey campaigns are valuable for businesses as they can provide valuable insights into customer needs and wants.

2.  Inbound calling campaign

An inbound calling campaign is a service-based campaign. The focus of this campaign is to improve customer returns, satisfaction, and retention rate. Agents of inbound call centers receive customer calls and assist them according to their requirements. Inbound calling campaigns included 3 types of campaigns:

Customer service campaign

Customer service campaigns are designed to improve the customer experience and increase customer satisfaction. Campaigns can be targeted at specific issues, such as improving first call resolution rates, or they can be general, such as increasing the overall responsiveness of the customer service team. Regardless of the focus, customer service campaigns should be designed to meet the specific needs of the customer base and the company. Call centers receive many inbound queries in a day and handling them effectively is very important. However, customer service call center campaigns can deploy callback queues, call routing, and other features to improve customer service.

Tech support campaign

A tech support campaign is a promotional effort by a company to increase awareness and knowledge about its technical support services. This can be done through a variety of means, such as online ads, emails, brochures, or even in-person events. The goal of a tech support campaign is to let potential customers know that they can rely on your company for help with their technical problems. Running a tech support campaign can be a great way to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and can even help you attract new customers.

Inbound sales campaign

Brand awareness by using paid channels brings inbound queries. However, managing these queries efficiently is necessary for closing deals. So, you require a trained team of sales agents to receive inbound calls. Convert potential customers into paying customers by arming your sales agents with the right tools and improving the close rate.

 How to make your call center campaigns effective

Here are some tips to run a call center campaign effectively:

Define clear objectives

Defining goals is the most important part to deliver services in a better way. Because an objective is incomplete without a strategy. So, set goals according to campaigns and drive more results.

Keep your contact list updated

Most calling campaigns failed due to the wrong contact list that’s why it is necessary to update the contact list regularly. A list that is included outdated contacts wastes the time and efforts of agents. However, update the list to avoid this as well as use software to do this and save your time.

Create call script

A call script plays a significant role in running a successful call center campaign. Prepare a list of common questions by knowing your customer’s requirements and closing more leads.

Automate process

Use automaton process for repetitive tasks and save time. For example, if you use auto dialer software in an outbound call center, it automates the calling technology and makes more calls in a shorter time by skipping the unproductive and busy numbers.


It does not matter whether a call center, social media, e-mail, or any other digital campaign, testing is necessary. Identify what works best for them and improve strategies to improve their performance.

Motivate agents

Motivation encourages the employees to perform well. Appreciate your agent’s efforts and reward their performance by giving incentives.

 Successful call center campaign features

Every business wants to meet its goals whether it is about generating leads or providing exceptional customer service. For this, you will require the right call center software features to enhance business productivity.

Call monitoring:

Help your call center agents with the feature of real-time call monitoring. With the help of this feature, you can listen to live calls between agents and clients.

ACD (Automatic call distribution):

Receive inbound calls and route these calls to the appropriate department. Moreover, if agents are busy, you can place the callers in a queue and leave a voicemail.

Call recording:

Utilize call recording to evaluate not only agents’ performance but also increase the customer experience.

IVR system:

IVR (Interactive voice response) is a technology for automated voice response. It is beneficial for directing the incoming calls to a suitable person or department.

Business tool integration:

Integrate your call center software with other business software so that agents don’t need to shift between different devices. For example, CRM integrations are the best way to streamline workflow.

Call center software role in calling campaigns  

In recent years, the role of call center software has evolved to become an essential part of calling campaigns. This software helps businesses automate and optimize their calling processes, from lead management to call scripting and more. By using Dialer360 call center software, businesses can improve their efficiency and results, while also reducing the costs associated with calling. If you’re thinking about starting a calling campaign for your business, then you should consider using call center software.

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